CompSci 290
Spring 2024
Educational Technology Practicum

Small Project: Updated Online "Book"

This project updates an online Learning Experience (typically found in a book, lesson, animation, or video) to improve the value or effectiveness for students.

You do not need to implement a fully working website. Use "dummy" data to demonstrate how you expect features to work rather than implementing "server-side" functionality. Your Software Artifact can combine:

You may work in groups or on your own. You may use ChatGPT or other LLM to help you as long as its contributions are clearly referenced.

Submitting your Work

Fork the assignment repository to make your own personal area to work in and use GIT to push your agent to it. You must push your progress for at least the following deliverables:

In addition to the basic information included in the README file:

Record two videoes, no more than 5 minutes long, going through your Learning Experience: one for the Complete Draft and and one for the Final Version. You can use Zoom or there are many free screen capture tools available or free trials of some pretty powerful tools as well.


Think about how to combine learning about a topic (via text, animation, video, etc.) with practicing and assessing that learning (via interaction, questions, building, etc.) into a single experience (like a typical online textbook does it rather than simply a collection of videos). Whatever you think would help students is fair game to include, as long as you can explain how it helps and justify from a learning theory or principle. There are many dimensions along which you can think about improving a typical Learning Experience:

If you do not have any specific ideas for improvements, feel free to ask your friends or other students.

Here are several examples of online learning experiences to draw inspiration from. You are also welcome to look at any other examples online, but your version should be distinctly different from any you find (i.e., create your own, do not simply copy one).

Here is a running website and the source code from a former student if you want to use it for ideas, example data, or a starting code framework.