Compsci 82, Fall 2009, Polls


Everyone in the class should have received an invitation to join Please send ola an email if you haven't received an invitation, or if you're having trouble registering. You must register to be able to participate in the polls for Compsci 82. If you want to text using your phone you must certify your phone --- instructions for this are given when you register, but basically you've got to text a message from your phone to have it certified. You can also participate via the web, or by using twitter.

Some polls will be in class only, other polls can be completed later. You must complete 60% of the polls given to earn full "poll credit", which is 5% of your final grade.

Current Polls

Previous Polls

  1. Keylogging Poll

  2. Webbink Open Source Poll

  3. In-class and Online Midterm Poll

  4. The IPv5 poll (there isn't IPv5, we're supposing).

  5. The 2^32 poll, how big is it?

  6. The DNS/BPG/IP poll.

  7. Why am I taking Compsci 82? poll.