Compsci 82, Fall 2009, Submissions

We have so many submissions of work in Compsci 82 that we've built a submission system that is independent of Blackboard. To turn in your written synopses, use this link; netid needed. You'll access your own space for uploading a file (.pdf please). You can turn in your file multiple times. If possible, don't include spaces in the name of the file you upload.

We prefer now, and will require later, that you submit a pdf. Please don't submit .doc, .docx, or something else, just PDF (portable document format). To create a PDF, read about these alternatives.

If you can't upload using our links, upload via blackboard and send an email note to Professor Astrachan indicating you've done this. But please, try to use the submission system first. It's certainly possible the system could fail to work, but we've tried to ensure it works properly.

Examples of student synopses earning 4's and 2's.