CompSci 101, Fall 2021

Compsci 101 Assignments

Assignment 7 Student Creative Work

Click here to see the creative Assignment 7 students completed.


Each assignment (except for Assign 7) is due via Gradescope NO LATER THAN 11:59pm. Please make sure you are able to access this ASAP. Assign 7 will be due via Sakai @11:59pm. Each assignment link will go live when noted on the course calendar.

Assignment Due Date
Assignment 0: Programming
with LightBot Code Hour
Sep 7
Assignment 1: Totem Sep 23
Assignment 2: Turtles Oct 7
Assignment 3: Transform
Assignment 3: Transform(pdf)
Oct 21
Assignment 4: Hangman
Assignment 4: Hangman(pdf)
Nov 4
Assignment 5: Clever Hangman
Assignment 5: Clever Hangman(pdf)
Nov 16
Assignment 6: Recommender
Assignment 6: Recommender (PDF)
Nov 30
Assignment 7: Create
Assignment 7: Create (PDF)
Dec 2

Grace Period ONLY
thru Dec 3

Assignment Submission

All assignments must be turned in by 11:59pm on the due date. All assignments will include information on how to submit. This will likely be using Gradescope.

You are responsible for ensuring that all files are submitted on time. Late submissions include a penalty detailed on the syllabus located here.

Starter Code

Many assignments will include code to get you started. This may consist of completed modules that you will utilize (but not modify) or modules in which some functions have been completed and others are left for you to complete. In either case, comments will clearly indicate which sections of the code you may edit and which must not be modified.

Code Style

Note that a small portion of your assignment grade is based on the readability of your program. This readability grade includes style, comments, and the naming of variables and methods. You must include a comment at the top of each source file you modify that includes your name and your netid. Then include a comment for every function and every major block of your code. Function names, variable names, etc. should be meaningful. The variable name totalCost is more meaningful than the variable name x.


If you have concerns about an item that was graded (lab, apt or assignment), you have one week after the grade is posted to fill out the regrade form here.