CompSci 101, Fall 2021

Installing Pycharm and Python

Here are instructions for installing PyCharm and Python 3. Note these are the instructions from Fall 2020, but they should be similar.

Virtual Machine

If your computer breaks, you can always login to a Virtual Machine (VM) that OIT has setup for you to access Pycharm. Click here for instructions to use the VM.


In Fall 2012, CompSci 6 was renumbered to CompSci 101. Since 1994 CompSci 6 was taught in C++, then Java and then Python starting in Fall 2010.

Old tests in Python from Fall 2010 on

Forms for this course

There are many forms for regrades, making up exams, accommodations for exams, feedback, etc.
The forms page is here

Python Reference Sheets for CompSci 101

Learning online

Here are some tips to prepare to learn online