CompSci 101, Fall 2021

Labs are meant to reinforce material pertinent to the current assignments and APTs and to go more deeply into topics as warranted. You will work in pairs/small groups during lab.

Lab Submission

It is important to complete each lab, as they provide practice for the concepts you learn.

Labs should be submitted by the Sunday night after the lab.

If you miss lab, you should still complete it for partial credit. That means answering the questions on the Google form and submitting them by Sunday night.


If you have concerns about an item that was graded (lab, apt or assignment), you have one week after the grade is posted to fill out the regrade form here.


Lab PreLab Lab Date
Lab 0 No Prelab Aug 27
Lab 1
Pre-lab 1 Sep 3
Lab 2
No Prelab Sep 10
Lab 3
Pre-lab 3 Sep 17
Lab 4
No Pre-lab Oct 1
Lab 5
No Prelab Oct 8
Lab 6
Prelab 6 Oct 15
Lab 7
Pre-lab 7
Oct 22
Lab 8
No Pre-lab Nov 5
Lab 9
Pre-lab 9 Nov 12
Lab 10
No Pre-lab Nov 19
Lab 11
Pre-lab 11
Dec 3