CompSci 101, Fall 2021
Syllabus and Info


The syllabus is located here. Please make sure you understand and refer to this frequently, as it has all relevant course information (including course expectations, activities, grading policies, and more).

All times are in Eastern times.

Professor: Nicki Washington

  • Office: Virtual
  • Drop-In/Office Hours (Zoom only): Wed 2-3:30pm
  • Email: nicki AT
  • NOTE: Due to COVID, all of Dr. Washington's hours are STRICTLY virtual. The link is available via Ed. Students will be queued in the waiting room for individual meetings. Due to the class size, students will be limited to 5 min when others are waiting.

Teaching Associate: Ms. Yesenia Velasco

  • Office: Virtual
  • Email: yvelasco AT
  • Oversees: Accomodations

Graduate TA: Chad Kalil

  • Office: Virtual
  • Office Hours on Mon 6-7pm and Tues 6-7pm in LSRC D344
  • Email: cpk20 AT

Graduate TA: Danyu Sun

  • Office: Virtual
  • Office Hours on Mon and Wed 5-6pm in LSRC D344
  • Email: ds592 AT

HEAD Undergraduate TAs (UTAs)

All Undergraduate TAs (UTAs)

See pictures of the UTAs here.

Lab UTAs:
  • Alex Glick
  • Allyson Ashekun
  • Andy He
  • Bianca Saputra
  • Brandon Lindsey
  • Brandon Lopez
  • Brinda Raghavendra
  • Carolina Cassedy
  • Caroline Tang
  • Connor Murphy
  • Derya Oktay
  • Dilys Wang
  • Henry Zapata
  • Jean-Luc Rabideau
  • Jessica Su
  • Kieran Lele
  • Parker Harris
  • Ryan Iki

Grader UTAs:
  • Alicia Steiman
  • Binisha Patel
  • Brandon Lindsey
  • Gautam Sirdeshmukh
  • Georgie Stammer
  • Justin Holmes
  • Katie Zhou

Topics Covered

Here is a list of some of the topics we will likely cover this semester related to Python Programming (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Python Data, Variables, operators
  2. Functions
  3. Conditionals (if), logic operators
  4. Looping structions (for, while)
  5. Turtle Graphics
  6. Strings
  7. Lists, Tuples
  8. Files
  9. Sets, Dictionaries
  10. Recursion

Course Meeting Time


Section/Time Location
SEC 001:
Tuesday and Thursday

Biological Sciences 111
Livestream available via Panopto (see Ed for links)

Lab Sections:

You should be signed up for one lab. Labs are on Fridays.


Many of the materials for this course (including this page) are available on

Ed: Bulletin Board

You all should have access to the ED site for this course. We will use ED for the class bulletin board. Look here for announcements, hints, and information relevant to this class. You can also post questions here. You should check this page at LEAST once a day!

Note that you can post anonymously to other students (not anonymous to instructors). We also encourage students to answer other student's questions, and we will endorse correct answers!

Text (Required)

How To Think Like a Computer Scientist - Learning with Python: Interactive Edition
by Jeffrey Elkner, Allen B. Downey, and Chris Meyer

How to get the book:

Websites this course uses

We will use several course web sites for this course.