Getting Help

Ed Discussion

Ed Discussion is an online question/answer/discussion forum we use in this class. You can access it through the link on the course Sakai page or directly at You should feel free to not only ask questions on Ed but answer questions (subject to the same guidelines as the general collaboration policy).

If you choose to use Ed, we ask that you follow the guidelines established for this course.

  • You should never post your own solutions publicly for other students
  • Be respectful of all other members of the course at all times
  • Try things on your own and search for other similar questions before posting your own questions.
  • Be specific in your question. For example, we need more information than “how do I solve problem 2” (remember to try things on your own first, so you should have more details to provide than this).

Office/Helper Hours

Office/Helper hours are opportunities for you to discuss or get help directly from the course staff, including teaching assistants and instructors. You might join with questions about particular assignments or about particular topics. With the instructors, you are also welcome to discuss how the course is going, grades, or questions about computer science more broadly.

You will get the most out of office/helper hours if you come prepared, meaning that you have already tried things on your own and have specific questions to discuss. Do not expect that you will be given the answers to problems, instead expect to receive help in thinking through your own problem-solving process. Please read the directions on utilizing office hours.

Regular office/helper hours will begin Tuesday September 5th. Office/helper hours are not available over university holidays such as Fall Break.

We have in-person and virtual helper hours staffed by both undergraduate teaching assistants and graduate teaching assistants with the following schedule.

Type Days Time Location
In-person Monday - Thursday 6:00-7:30pm Reuben Cooke 126
Virtual Monday - Thursday 7:30-9pm See "Zoom Meetings" tab on Sakai

In addition to helper hours, the instructors have the following office hours.

Instructor Days Time Location
Pankaj Agarwal Monday 11am-12pm LSRC D104
Thursday 2pm-3pm Zoom (On Sakai)
Brandon Fain Monday 3-4pm LSRC D104
Wednesday 3-4pm

OIT Co-lab and Tech Help

The Innovation Co-Lab supports tech all over campus. They have staff professionals and experienced students who can help you with tech questions and needs from Java/Intellij installation to Git and much more. To see office hours times, make appointments, and see learning opportunities, visit Innovation Co-Lab Resources.

Mental Health

We all face more challenges than just those about academic content. Please get help.

  • Blue Devils Care: 24/7 mental telehealth support to all students at no cost.
  • Counseling & Psychological Services: CAPS remains open and counselors are continuing to provide care; see their website for more details about specific services.
  • DukeReach: Submit a report to DukeReach if you’re concerned about the physical or mental well-being of yourself or another student.

Duke Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers free services to all students during their undergraduate careers at Duke. Services include Learning Consultations, Peer Tutoring, Learning Communities, ADHD/LD Coaching, Outreach Workshops, GRE/MCAT Prep, Study Connect, and more. Because learning is a process unique to every individual, we work with each student to discover and develop their own academic strategy for success at Duke. Contact the ARC to schedule an appointment. Undergraduates in any year, studying any discipline can benefit! Email, 919-684-5917, 211 Academic Advising Center Building, East Campus – behind Marketplace.