Recitation Sessions

Time Section GTA UTA Location
8:30-9:45 01D Ellie Kim Andy Wang BioSci 154
10:05-11:20 02D Ronan Tegerdine Andy He Gross 105
03D Ben Holmgren Havish Malladi Gray 228
04D Henry Hai Vincent Li SocSci 105
11:45- 1:00 05D Henry Hai Colin Zhu BioSci 154
1:25 - 2:40 06D Ellie Kim Louis Hu BioSci 130
07D Ben Holmgren Eric Zhang Physics 047
3:05 - 4:20 08D Ronan Tegerdine Jerry Yin BioSci 155

Recitation Schedule

Date Recitation Topics
F 9/1 R01 Prerequisites
F 9/8 R02 Divide and Conquer
F 9/15 R03 Divide & Conquer and Parallel Algorithms
F 9/22 R04 Parallel Algorithms and Dynamic Programming
F 9/29 R05 Dynamic Programming and Graph Traversal
F 10/6 R06 Graph Traversal II: Breadth-First Search and Shortest Paths I: Dijkstra's Algorithm
F 10/13 R07 Shortest Paths II: A*, Bellman-Ford, Floyd Warshall
F 10/20 R08 Exam Review
F 10/27 R09 Greedy Algorithms
F 11/3 R10 Cuts and Flows
F 11/10 R11 Hardness
F 11/17 R12 Hardness and Approximation
F 12/1 R13 Big Data